About the Project

This project shows that from the most horrific terror, came beautiful and spiritually uplifting divrei Torah-- words of Torah. Rabbis drew on different themes of consolation, psalms, midrashic texts, medieval and modern poetry, liturgy, and selections from the Torah to draw strength during this difficult time in the history of humanity. The original idea was to create a book with selections from several of the sermons submitted to us. However, it was soon realized that a website would allow for more people to gain access to this treasure trove of divrei Torah. Additionally, with the website, we could include all the sermons that were submitted in their entirety. We hope you will continue to find nechama (comfort) in these words as the pain of September 11 will never fully fade. Please share this website with others.

We thank you for visiting and welcome your comments on the site.

Rabbi Jason Miller & Rabbi Neil Gillman